RevCity has scaled down our launch as the technical backbone of the product's functionality is strengthened.  I'm looking forward to continual future development in bringing you all the most robust platform possible to discover your world 😄  


We believe bringing communities together is the best way to spark the collaborative imagination that defines a place, memory, or legacy.  From the smallest moment, to a generationally defining action, we all should have the opportunity to discover the world as told by those experiencing it.  Rev enables the user to discover, experience, and create their story, and in the process the story of the world.

User can explore their surroundings by seeing a live map of the world; feel free to discover places and events near or far.

Every user has a customized feed showing places, events, stories/collabs, and users they follow.  The feed can be expanded to see things close or at a global viewpoint.

Partnerships with key content producers will bring location-relevant perspective to the forefront.


By placing the user directly back into the world via an interactive map, the medium between reality and technology quickly diminishes inviting the user to explore physically and virtually.  As users post at places and events, their posts are crowdsourced together to create an ephemeral visual dialogue of the ongoing experience in real-time.

Posts within a place last only 24 hours.  Users can view events happening at the location, and see notes left behind for tips and hints on the best the place has to offer.

Events will appear on the map 2 hours before their start time, but can be discovered soon in a user's feed or invitation.  User posts are automatically assigned to an event if they at the event.  Great for festivals, concerts, and any adventure you may have.

Users can collaborate on stories together, allowing multiple users to come together to tell a joint perspective of a vacation, interest, or experience.  Posts to stories or collabs do not expire, and will only disappear when the poster deletes them.


There are three main stories formed throughout the application:  places, events, and collaborations/stories.

  • Places - User posts are collected together into a 24 hour viewpoint
  • Events - Creating an event is as simple as giving it a name, location, and date/time
  • Collabs + Stories - No more coordinating getting pictures together from multiple sources, users can join together in showing the experience of a vacation, field trip, or interest

Users can chat with posts if both follow each other.  Life is more personal than a comment thread, its a conversation.

Double-tap to favorite a post and give props to the user, this will also increase visibility of the post on the map and feed.

When posting a user can resize and tilt text, in addition they can quickly add to a story or collab if they want the post to live past the 24 hour period.


Users posts are immersive, engaging, and temporal (unless assigned to a collab or story).  No more comments, just favorites and a direct message if users are friends.  This freedom of curation encourages users to capture the moment, no matter how important it may be.