Originating as a client RFP, a team of cross-disciplinary graduate and undergraduate students designed an analytical framework for conducting remote scenic inventory.  The team designed a proprietary algorithm to source, evaluate, and prioritize areas of scenic impact.  The tool developed is the cornerstone of Cornell's Department of City and Regional Planning efforts to aid the towns of the Hudson River Valley in stabilizing, improving, and protecting their scenic resources.

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4-stage impact analysis accounts for historic proximity, maximizing adjacency, quantitative characteristics, and overall human impact.  Qualitative inputs such as protection continuity, visual prominence, underlying zoning code, and acquisition costs were considered.  See the report and/or presentation deck for details.

project team


Brian Rollison { manager, design }

paige barnum { site lead }

joe saitta { modeling }

shareef hussam { GIS }

Malini Roy { GIS }

thackston crandall { landscaping }

david torres { zoning law }

george frantz { faculty advisor }